The new IPPC report: Our time is running out

The IPCC Working Group II has released its new report on February 28. If global warming should increase the average temperature more than 1.5°C, it will be very difficult to have a development paradigm resilient enough to climate. It will be impossible in some regions of the Earth, should the global warming hit the plus 2°C.Read More

Another look at WASH

WASH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene), as well as a standard definition for it, should be taken seriously by wealthy societies or families as there is urgent need to rethink it. In particular, sex education should begin to be considered a fundamental factor of successful WASH policies. Read More

Youth4ClimateFOREVER: Youth Participation from Below

With the Youth Press Agency, we met minister Cingolani and some parliamentarians who arrived in Glasgow for the “political” week of COP26. Following our reflections on the role that young people should have in the ecological transition, we proposed to create a path of youth participation in the area, in line with the commitment of Italy shown at the PreCop. Read More