Green School, Green Generation

All the way from Bali-Indonesia, came a group of girls aiming at changing the world. They are students of «Green School».
The latter is a private school that assembles more than four hundred people coming from different nationalities, and occupying different functions inside this institute. The concept of this project is inspired from the communication between students, teachers and parents. And it stands on changing the traditional education to a more eco-friendly one, where every voice is heard.

They came with new strategies to combat pollution and climate change, for instance: BBPB. (AKA «bye bye plastic bags»). Supporting this campaign, they decided to travel all over the world, sharing their experience and raising awareness of climate change dangers. In this year of 2016, they decided to take a leap of faith.

From Indonesia, Greece, Italy to Marrakesh-Morocco they came all together to perform their project with the same goal. The student activist Daisy said: «We strongly believe that education has the power to carry and activate student. But to do this is not easy It takes a lot of hard work and commitment But I promise you that the hard work will pay off and that it is possible. » «Attending Green School was a risk, not only for the founders but also for the families», added «And in the short two months I have spent in green school I’ve been inspired to be a youth environement warrior myself. i must admit that this school is a major risk but we are the living example that this type of education really exists.» «Green School represents meaningful, relevant education for sustainabilty which is the education we need to combat climate change», said Sarita Pockell, The Earthbound Traveling semester director.

The bamboo structure they created was inspired by a podcast episode of This American Life which introduced a unique telephone booth in Japan called the ’wind telephone’. The phone is owned by a 70 year old gardener Itaru Sasaki, who bought the telephone booth after his cousin died. To him, the phone was a way to express his love to the dead.

They asked different people to testify and share their experience on that phone.The green school offers the youth the chance to be heard, to raise their voices. As I quote: «You need to take many risks. It can be scary because it’snso different from everything we are used to. But it is possible. So BE THE CHANGE YOU WANNA SEE!».

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