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The Youth Press Agency is an initiative of youth participation through the creative use of new and traditional tools of communication and information. In Italy it is promoted by Viração & Jangada in collaboration with the Cultural Association In Medias Res, Department of Development Cooperation of the Autonomous Province of Trento, Trentino Observatory on Climate,Consortium Communities of BIM Adige Province of Trento.
The Youth Press Agency is made up of a group of mediators who work so that young people could pursue the great human right to communication.
Paulo Lima
Paulo Lima: journalist, educomunicator and Ashoka Fellow, is from the Brazilian favelas and now feels as a "new highlander", given that he lives in the most successful dating site of Trentino since 2009. He graduated in Philosophy, Theology and Journalism and is the Founder and Executive Director of Viração Educomunicação, which deals with human rights and communication. In Trentino, formerly President of Viração & Jangada , is a member of the Executive Council of Training and International Solidarity Center as a representative of Trentino's international solidarity associations.
Mediators of Youth Press Agency
Alessandra Cimini

Engaged in migration policies issues ,  cultural mediator, traslator in Arabic French and English. 

She love to learn from different cultures values and traditions considered a “guide to solve problems” She's committed in the promotion of human rights and educommunication with Youth Press Agency, an innovative project wich connect young people around the world “acting locally and thinking globally”She loves comics, live concerts and good food.

Imane Ait Bensalem

Author of ‘the bird who lived with humans’, Founder of « Moroccan talent community » and « school of why » in Berlin, then later « Tribe of why » - Part of global shapers, makesense, aiesec, Imane lived a quite unconventional life since a very young age. Part of the youth parliament at age 15 and published her first poems at 13 years old, she is what many people call ‘rebel’ – only because she has a fierce determination to bring positive change especially to Africa.

Safa Isselmane
25 years old,  from Marrakech she always had a passion for information science and communication .
She had the chance to do her internship graduation in the food company Dairy BEST MILK. There, she discovered the profession she exercises today, commercial and development director in a box of communication.
She had the opportunity to work with the "Tribe of whyav ",  group on the topic of global warming and protecting the natural habitat that present the themes of COY 12 and COP 22. She jumped at the chance because this new experience allowed her to develop her skills while offering  the opportunity to know a new business. 
Henry Roland

He's a freelance photographer and writer, he lives and work in Marrakesh.
He's particularly interested in documentary, travel and portrait photography that are  a way to meet different cultures and discover other lifestyles. He 
believes in core values ​​that unite  and allow everybody to build in mutual respect. He believes in education as a welfare engine.
He tries to stick to that statement from Oscar Wilde :
"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder."

Alaa Zanati

27 years old, Founder of A&K company. His company is located in the beautiful North African country of Morocco. Morocco is the only place in the world where the argan tree is able to grow and flourish. Essentially, the oil is extracted from seeds of the fruit on argan trees by grinding, pressing, and filtering. At A&K Company, they are specialized in the production of the highest quality pure organic argan oil that goes directly from source to bottle. This has been a great experience for him and he learned so much already about creating sustainable products, helping the economy grow all while keeping the products eco-friendly.

Serena Boccardo

Serena joined the Youth Press Agency in December 2014 as young reporter from COY11 and COP20 (Lima, Perú). She writes on gender, climate, and social inequalities and has a background in business and economics studies. Since 2008, she lived in 7 cities in Germany,  Italy, and Belgium. She is particularly interested in the role of transnational corporations within UNFCCC negotiations. 

Juliana Winkel

.Juliana Winkel, journalist, editor and translator, has been collaborating with several publications and institutions in social, educational, environmental, economic and cultural issues. Nowadays, she develops projects in Media Education and provides translation, reporting and writing services for organizations in Italy, Brazil and in other countries. 

Denise Battaglia

Born in 1989 in the "land of Vespers and oranges", she studied Journalism at the University of Palermo nourishing a great interest in social issues and social injustice. From Journalism, in fact, she ends up studying Sociology and Social Research in the cold mountains of Trentino. Lately, she has also approached the world of volunteers, she is doing a Master in "Smart Community Design and Management" and she is collaborating on a communication campaign for vocational schools. Never tell her that it's raining outside.

Daniele Saguto

Daniele is a young sociologist. In the last years he collaborated with different associations, NGO’s and institutions (Richiedenti Terra, Scena Animae Mundi, Alla Ribalta, Impact Hub, Yaku, mARc Project and others) as project manager and in the communication and educational fields. He’s part of the Youth Press Agency from 2012.

Now he’s living, working, dreaming and playing music in Palermo

Bruno Castro

Bruno Castro, 23 years old,student of Social Sciences with an emphasis in Anthropology. He's interested in communication and social issues since an early age, a decisive fact for his participation in some projects at the Viração Educomunicação as a teenager. The Viração experience was very important for the passion he has for photography and audiovisual. Curiosity is one of his  attributes and he's especially fascinated by music and new cultures.
Throughout his undergraduate program, he has conducted researches related to sustainable development and solid waste, documentary cinema, urban mobility and education technology. He's currently a history and geography teacher and he believes in education as an important tool for world transformation.



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