Together for a sustainable future

TOGETHERBAND’s global campaign to promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals By Amanda Costa Translation by Daniele Savietto – Hello my climate cuteness! 🙂  Do you know someone with a heart so pure that it overflows? Or has a smile so sweet that you just smile back? Or who carries an energy so good you just […]Read More


“We have to think like adults because you cannot”

Leah Namugerwa, a young Ugandan climate activist, caught the attention of those present in her speech at the opening ceremony of COP-27, reminding that there is no more time for ‘big untouchable polluters’ By Graziella Albuquerque Translation: Álvaro Samuel – Today we participated in the opening of COP-27. The ceremony was opened by the President […]Read More


Mountains in Sharm El-Sheikh

It might seem a paradox but also in Sharm El Sheikh, one of the world’s most famous snorkeling destinations, there is a focus on mountains. By Emanuele Rippa – It happened yesterday, in one of the rooms of the huge Sharm El Sheikh complex that is hosting COP27, there was a focus on mountains. And […]Read More

Youth4ClimateFOREVER: Youth Participation from Below

With the Youth Press Agency, we met minister Cingolani and some parliamentarians who arrived in Glasgow for the “political” week of COP26. Following our reflections on the role that young people should have in the ecological transition, we proposed to create a path of youth participation in the area, in line with the commitment of Italy shown at the PreCop. Read More

Plant-based Nutrition: Limitation or Opportunity?

Our food system, essentially omnivorous, is not sustainable any more: it is responsible for 37% of the total greenhouse emissions. Plant-based nutrition is a great alternative and a choice which is more and more necessary: many are its advantages. What if this change could be an opportunity rather than a limitation?Read More

There Will Be No Climate Justice Without The Youth

In a few years, today's youth will be the majority of parents, neighbors, teachers, farmers, politicians, academics, scientists, experts, investors, CEOs. The last generations have failed to bring about global development without leaving anyone behind - not people, not the planet. Bringing with them the importance of the intergenerational, democratic and scientific debate, the youth have been occupying spaces to promote climate and social justice in all its dimensions.Read More