2014 Call for Writers!

The Red+Vos team keeps growing, this time by calling copywriters to account for local, national and international news and realities on the environmental agenda.Read More

Behind the scenes of the Philippines speech

COP19, day 1: Yeb Sano, the negotiator of the Philippines, announced a hunger strike for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan and spoke emotionally about the situation of his country, moving negotiators and civilians to tears.Read More

Transport: Solutions for the future are in the past

I remember when I was a kid the times I found myself thinking about the future vehicles. Inspired by The Jacksons and the movie Back to the Future I’ve found myself driving in the 21st century in flying cars and mega fast (and with the doors opening up!).Read More

Get introduced to the Fossil of the Day

COP is the moment when the parties gather and take decisions about climate change. Despite this, some countries don’t want to play the game. These ones receive the award named the Fossil of the Day, that uses a good mood to make the participants aware about the attitudes of the countries.Read More

The ball is with Poland

What’s in check is the future of the new generations. Almost in a unanimity, this was the watchword bolded at the Open Ceremony of the United Nation Climate Change Conference (COP19), happening in Warsaw, Poland, from 11th to 22 november.Read More