A Coffee with the prime minister of Tuvalu Islands

It is the last day of COP23. During a break in the restaurant area, our attention is attracted by a nearby table: there is the Prime Minister of Tuvalu Islands, an archipelago of 129 islands and islets in the Pacific Ocean, halfway between Hawaii and Australia.Read More

A + 4 °C world!

If the objective of the Paris Agreement (PA) is to maintain global warming within 2°C at the end of the century compared to the pre-industrial era, what could happen in a world at + 4°C?Read More

G20 and the climate agenda

It is public knowledge that the Argentine Republic will have the presidency of the G20 during the year 2018, serving as a bridge between Germany and JapanRead More

2020: last call?

Should global emission keep on increasing after 2020 or even stabilize, the commitments taken within the Paris Agreement (PA) would become unreachable.Read More