Young Europeans enquire, discuss and commit themselves for sustainable societies in Lisbon

Monde Pluriel and ASPEA co-organize the 3rd European Youth Conference “Let’s Take Care of the Planet” in Oeiras, Lisbon and Cascais from May 21st to May 25th, 2018.


81 young people from 10 European countries, representatives of thousands of young Europeans, will participate in intercultural and thematic workshops to “enquire, discuss, and commit themselves…for sustainable societies”. Together, they will write a Letter of commitments, create posters and record a video message in order to communicate on their commitments. These collective responsibilities and creations will be designed considering the Sustainable Development Goals promoted by the United Nations for 2030. Furthermore, the Conference will be attended by around 40 teachers and facilitators who will support the work done by the young delegates.


Well-being, Good Health and Air Quality, Water and Sanitation, Clean energy, Responsible production and consumption, Climate Change, Biodiversity and Natural Resources, Solidarity and Citizenship.

Intercultural workshops and games
Thematic workshops to define responsibilities and commitments
Collective production workshops
Dialogue with elected European representatives and experts on climate change

A team of young delegates, each one coming from a different European country, will join the team of the Youth Press Agency to report day-by-day the European Conference.
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