2014 Call for Writers!

 2014 Call for Writers!

The Red+Vos team keeps growing, this time by calling copywriters to account for local, national and international news and realities on the environmental agenda.

By Youth Press Agency


Always on track with our aim to raise awareness on sustainable development and climate change, we believe this new team will get society closer to news on negotiations as well as news related to the environment that impact locally, nationally and internationally.As a part of the team, you will be able to conduct interviews, write stories, life stories, opinion, popular articles, let people know about current news, personal experiences, curiosities, tips to become more sustainable, etc.
We seek writers to address this issues from different perspectives: political, economical, educational, activism, humor, critical, among others; we want to spread the news on different initiatives and/or generate actions within the virtual media (discussion, activities, campaigns, etc..). You will have freedom to show your creativity.

Do not limit yourself only to the wording!You can create graphics and audiovisual content: video, photography, cartoons, everything you can think of!

The requirements to join are:• Excellent writing• Knowledge on Sustainable Development issues locally and/or internationally• Responsibility, Commitment and Proactivity• Fluent in English and Spanish (not mandatory)• Access to Internet.

If you are interested in joining and being a part of Red+Vos, complete the following form according to your region.Andean Region (Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia) click hereCaribbean Region (Mexico, Central America and Caribbean islands) click hereSouthern Cone (Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Chile) click hereOther countries (English form) click hereThe deadline for entries is August 10, 2014
Will you join us?

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