Activity with Oum Hani School

 Activity with Oum Hani School

We are close to the final of the COP22 and most of us all expected about the result of this conference.


But to be relax and rest about negotiation today we decide to have meeting on the morning with young people from Oum Hani School here in Marrakech. We were sharing and exchanging some experience from differents global projects.
First Imane Ait Bensalem (Morocco) and Paulo Lima (Brazil) started talking about a global project call The New Voice Of Climat financed by Enel Green Power. This project it´s was a result of the partnership between Viracao&Jangada (Italy) and Tribe of Why (Morocco). This project was working with ten high school from Marrakech, and the main objective of this was to engage people to be youth reporters for COY12 and COP22. As a plus of experience on COY12 this youngers had the possibility to share the conference with student from Brazil and Italy and write articles together and share their own experiences.

Secondly presented the Youth Press Agency was presented by José Jara from Argentina, Elisa Calliari from Italy and Evelyn Araripe from Brazil. They talked about their experiences on COP’s and Youth Press Agency and also tried to empower thouse young people to keep moving on this agenda.

For the third session Valeria Piazza en Claudia Laddaga from Enel Green Power talking about their support to youth people empower to youth people also in new technologies and Knowledgment in how to communicate about the awareness of Climate Change. That´s is the reason than they support The New Voice of Climate project and Youth Press Agency on this year.

And to conclude this amazing meeting people from Liter of Life presented their project about to provide affordable, sustainable solar light to people with limited or no access to electricity. Also they try teach marginalized communities how to use recycled plastic bottles and locally sources materials to illuminate their homes, businesses and streets. They bring to show us how the solar device works by sensors and battery. This project was very appreciated by everyone present on the meeting.

We believe this kind of meeting are so useful for young people who want to know about climate change and to start to communicate to other people. And we are so thankful with Enel Green Power for support this idea and join us is this project.

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