Africa Day on COP22

 Africa Day on COP22

Today 16th November is Africa Day in COP22 in Marrakech.


Africa plays an important role on the climate change agenda, not just because it´s the host of the Conference, also because this Continent is less responsible for climate change and is one of the most affected by the consequences of this phenomenon.

So, we went around to collect some impressions and concerns of african people that are here at COP22. We met first a guy from Nigeria, Olumide Emmanuel Idowu and we asked him:

What it´s the main climate change problem on your country? What are the main consequences?

In my country there are much poeple who don’t know what climate change is. We need our strength in education and aware to people about the consequences of the climate change.Nigeria have six political zones, and each zone have a special problem. For example in the South farmers cannot plant again, agriculture are getting down, and in the next 20 years many people will be displaced from their land.

So, how much important is this COP for Africa?

It’s really important actually, because we are talking about climate finances, which we really need it for adaptation and mitigation agenda.

Hernan Kwoba, student from Kenya said to us that in his country now the planting seasons are very complex because there is no more water as in the past years and also the solar radiation is contributing to this. This affect the health of the people of Kenya. And about this COP, it’s important to see us an equal continent and to raise our demandes to the world, main focus in how finances going to improve the normal day of the african people. Then we asked him:

Do you believe that adaptation should be the main agenda for Africa today?

Base on each country of Africa i can’t say yes, both mitigation and adaptation should be the main agendas, but looking on my own country i think that they need to find the way of how to finance this climate actions.

At the end we met Lerato Letebele, from Johannesburg engage with 350africa network, and at the same questions she answer us that South Africa is severely impacted by drowns and floods, and this impacts are become so frequented at point that agriculture has been adversely impacted, and communities are now having to find other ways to feeding themself, look after they have and be able to give food to their families. “We would like to bring to the COP – she added – that the world need to remember that Africa is the least contributor to climate change but we had the most impacted by this”.

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