All united to help Africa

 All united to help Africa

Our planet is in serious danger. We must work together to save her.


But to save it will require a great teacher, and for this purpose the finance ministers play an important role in ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of public expenses directed towards adaptation and mitigation goals related to climate change. Especially put an emphasis on:

Climate Sensitive Budgeting
The Green taxation
Carbnons prices
Policy reforms

This event will allow them to create an evaluation mechanism through which the participating ministries of finance will evaluate each other and periodically in order to gradually improve their role in achieving the objectives.

Africa, one of the regions of the world most affected by climate change, is paradoxically the one that receives the least capital for projects to fight against and adapt to climate change. After COP 21, in December 2015 in Paris, the industrialized countries pledged to mobilize $ 100 billion of annual financial flows to developing countries by 2020.

In Rabat, was held on 23-24 June, the first Global Climate Alliance and Coalition Forum, Nizar Baraka, chair of the COP 22 Scientific Committee, noted that of the $ 100 billion Industrialized countries expect to disburse annually by 2020 for developing countries in their fight against climate change, Africa receives only 5%. “Yet, overall, the cost of transition to a low-carbon future in the trillion thousands,” recalls the United Nations Climate Change Conference on its electronic portal. However, fossil fuels are a sign in favor of renewable energies.

My question is: will Africa’s 5% share really increase? Do we really want to love Africa? Do we want to be unified in the face of climate change or should we wait for the COP23 to be able to talk about it in public and in front of the cameras by changing the date of our videos instead of changing the reality, the one that is happening in Africa?

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