An afternoon in the Green Zone

 An afternoon in the Green Zone

The 3rd December, we spent the afternoon in the Green Zone. You are probably asking yourself what it is.


The Green Zone is a space inside the COP25, where also people without the accreditation of the UNFCCC (United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change) can participate.

In the Green Zone there are multiple stands regarding many different topics: technology, sustainable development goals, art, circular economy, spaces dedicated to informative sessions and many others. In comparison to the rest of the COP, the Green Zone offers much more interactive activities, with the purpose to sensitize and inform the visitors about climate issues.

The first activity that captured our attention was connected to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (in the picture). We were asked to choose the one that we considered the most important. It was a really difficult choice as in our opinion each one of them is fundamental. The objectives can be grouped into 5 macro areas: people, peace, prosperity, planet and alliances. It is an activity that made us think about how complicated it is to set priorities. Priorities might differ depending on who you are, where you come from or in general your background and identity.

Large part of the stands was dedicated to new technologies. We really enjoyed an activity that was combining art and virtual reality. We wore googles and we entered this new reality, in which we could draw using two special joysticks. Everyone could free up creativity, share his/her ideas in an artistic way and interact with the other people drawing in the same virtual reality. It was a unique experience that none of us ever tried before.

Green Zone is a perfect way to involve and keep up to date citizens, that otherwise would not have the possibility to enter the COP25. It is a space, in which everyone can get a glimpse of the COP25.

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