And here we are

 And here we are

And here we are: after months of preparation and organizing, our experience is officially starting!

By Youth Press Agency

Despite the long traveling hours and having barely slept, we find ourselves in a high spirit on the coffee area having breakfast with our colleagues and ready to face our first day. In the Hostel we’ll meet our Brazilian friends Dinho, Daniele, Luciano and Luiza, as well as Marina and Grecia to work with us in the International Youth Media Agency.

After covering some workshops and presentations we will start organizing our day and to plan the activities fro the following days: doing interviews, writing articles and visiting sustainable development projects in Lima and surroundings. We had to take a taxi to sort out our way through Lima into “La Molina” Agriculture University and there we met hundreds of young people from all over the world to structure our contribution to the COY10.

Days pass by between workshops, conferences and discussions about the main topics that will also be treated during the COP20, this is, forests, energy, oceans and sustainable cities. In the afternoon, a debate on global problems is opened while in the university’s main auditorium the YOUNGO group is discussing its role within the COP.

We, after having participated in a couple of side events, managed to hold some interviews and to work in our social media channels. We are still a bit confused and many times you can see our disoriented faced in the huge university.

Fortunately, Peruvians are very nice and after seeing us “a bit lost” they helped us and happily exchanged some words with us. We asked them how many volunteers there are in the Peruvian COY team and how they managed to organize such a huge event. Carlos, one of the volunteers, explained that over a hundred youth are walking around the university campus and halls, speaking English or Spanish according to visitor’s needs.

However, the organizing team is of less than 50 people that have restless worked meeting every day to assure that these 3 days of the COY would guarantee the creation of a solid network of youth to exchange knowledge and experiences.

The first day has certainly been useful, as a test and preparation for the work we have ahead in the following weeks. We will have intense days in which we will need to count with a good will to work in teams in order to reach our ambitious goal of communicating in the best possible way what is happening in Lima.

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