APP tracks women participation on climate negotiations

 APP tracks women participation on climate negotiations

In 2009 the United Nation’s State of Population Report already sad that women are one of the major impacted group of climate change – followed by children, young and elder people.


One reason is that in many countries women represent the majority of rural workers. With the extreme weather effects we have seen in the world, such as droughts and floods above normal, many countries are losing their productive areas, which means many women losing their jobs and source of income and consequently reducing the supply of food to their families.

But even knowing the important role of women in the climate change agenda, the delegations of the countries inside the decision making processes of United Nations are full of men. And to prove that it’s not just a feminist bla-bla-bla, the WEDO – an international NGO committed to produce information and action related with women and climate change – launched yesterday, during the Gender Day of COP22, the APP Gender Climate Tracker.

There you can see the percentage of women in the official delegation of each country during the climate negotiations and also have an overview of each countries iNDCs and if gender is considered or not in the countries pledges to tackle climate change and reduce emissions.

WEDO communicated in a press-release that the idea of the Gender Climate Tracker is ” empower decision-makers and advocates alike to translate policies into action and hold governments’ accountable. By compiling policies,mandates, research, decisions and actions related to gender and climate change, the app aims to highlight key gender entry-points to facilitate implementation”.

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