The Protection of the Forests is Global Public Health

The environment is essential to human life. It might appear an obvious statement, but its implications are more and more intricated than one could think. The report of the scientific task force put together by Harvard University to study the correlation between pandemic and ecology has cast light on one of them: human health depends on the condition of forest conservations too. Read More

Another (Deeper) Look at Afghanistan

Afghanistan is sadly at the centre of international attention. The recent events in the country have generated a wave of empathy and preoccupation worldwide. However, their main characters are new on the Afghan stage: they have been around for decades. This is why it is important to try and get to know the country, its history and culture a little bit better. Read More

The Urgency of the Escazú Agreement

reement is probably the most valuable instrument in the hands of the Latin American and Carribean countries when it comes to the recognition, safeguard and implementation of environmental rights. However, its effectiveness is not something granted by its mere importances: the countries and societies interested by it still have to show a firm willingness to give this covenant full efficacy. But time is running up.Read More