The International Day of Menstrual Hygiene

May 28th is the International Day of Menstrual Hygiene. This date was set in 2014 by the German NGO WASH United and aims to promote the education of girls and women and show the importance of good hygiene during the menstrual period. The subject that is still a big taboo in our society.Read More

Environmental Racism

Environmental racism is where environmentalism and Human rights meet. It is thus a crucial crossroad for the challenges that we, as a global society, face. Yet, nobody really knows about it. That is why Amanda Costa is here for you: she will bring you on a journey to discover where the protection of the ecocystems goes hand in hand with the promotion of minority rights.Read More

Critical Thinking to Fight Space Segregation

Normally, it is common to observe differences between the spaces which constitute the structure of large cities. This observation highlights that there is a spatial segregation of the citizens who do not have the financial conditions to live in organised neighbourhoods: their biggest limitation is undoubtedly related to the access to leisure and cultural spaces. Discussing this is issue is therefore key to any reflection on social awareness. Read More