Award Fossil day to Belgium, Austria, Ireland and others

 Award Fossil day to Belgium, Austria, Ireland and others

The intervention aims at sensitising participants regarding countries’ attitude.

By Chiara Zanotelli


Every day, at the UN Conference on Climate Change, the Climate Action Network (CAN) staff , among other things, gather to choose the country which will receive the award “Fossil of the day”. This initiative was created in 1999 during the German NGO Forum organised by the UE.

In this first day of negotiations, under a warm sun, which made very difficult the job even for the strongest air-conditionings, the “renowned” prize “Fossil of the day” went to Belgium, Austria, Ireland and Australia for being the only developed countries which have not contributed to the Green Climate Fund yet. Unjustifiably, they probably feel themselves free from this obligation.

This lack of commitment has a value of millions of dollars, which are missing from the fund. And this means that substantial amount of money cannot be used to help developing countries in reducing their pollution. This is not the right precondition to begin positively the road which will drive us to Paris.

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