Camp Climate

 Camp Climate

The COP is not only a place where global high-level politicians can interact, but it put together people, young people, from all the world.


During the two weeks, young from different NGOs prepared events, demonstration, workshops where they can share experience, projects and do network. They growth together to become actors of change in their countries.
One of this spaces created by and for young, it is the Camp Climate empowered by YMCA. YMCA, do you remember the song? Well, It is about this organization… yes, believe me!! The organization has been running from 1844!! And it says to be the biggest young organization in all the world, they are present in 119 countries. The YMCA is based in 4 principal values, caring, respect, honesty, and responsibility.

We spoke with a World YMCA staff: Cassandra Troman (26), from New Zeeland. She told us that the Camp Climate first edition was during the COP21 in Paris, and this year is the second of the Camp Climate. It has been open from day one of the COP22 and it will be open until the last day. During these two weeks, they have organized different events. You can find from workshops to develop skills in communication, educational to how to make green graffiti and planning event for the Green Zone. The camp is a space where to involve in the process of what is happening in the negotiations because they have a huge impact in young present and future.

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