Casa TierrActiva

 Casa TierrActiva

You cannot miss this lively house with doors covered in Pachamama Posters, Cumbre de los Pueblos fliers and other Power to the People art.


TheTierrActiva house is a network and collective, a convergence space open to all with the hope of strengthening the climate movement in Peru and around the world.

The house has several classrooms for workshops and organizing purposes, art spaces to create banners and signs for the People’s Summit and March coming up next week and also, the house has its own community radio. The idea of the house birthed out of frustration regarding the current situation of inaction.

The Peruvian Government emphasizes the gap that stretches between talk and action through the decline of environmental protection. Peru has become the fourth most dangerous country for environmental activists – a concern which is often addressed in discussions and conversations at the Casa TierrActiva.

While the house is a temporary space, in its short existence, it has nurtured social and cultural exchanges and enabled a place for thoughts, ideas and words to transform into action. Environmental and Climate Justice of the roots of this house, sprouting seeds, experience and knowledge all in the lead up to the People’s Summit.

A group of Peruvian and Bolivian environmentalists have made this all possible. Thanks to them, hundreds of like-minded, passionate people, hungry for change are given this empowering, vibrant and lively space to build a movement so urgently needed for the protection of people and planet.

There is a lot of work to be done and Casa TierrActiva is a great place to start. If you have not already done so, stop by the house and enjoy the welcoming glimpse of a world of possibilities.

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