Climate march: the focus on territorial management

 Climate march: the focus on territorial management

Members of labour unions, environmentalist associations, social movements and hundreds of people took to Marrakech streets, on November 13th, for the climate march, an event traditionally related to any COP.


Not only international organisations, but also many Moroccan entities joint the event denouncing the administration’s bad management of the territory. “In recent years, the government has favoured landgrabbing activities in line with the economic policies”, stated a representative of Attac, Moroccan movement for social education.

Some farmers near Rabat, were forced to sell their land for 5 dollars per ha, when the average price is around 1000 dollars. “And for what? For a golf course.” The contestation addressed not only the land hoarding, but also the farming methods. “An estimation points out that over 70% of seeds used in Morocco for tomatoes cultivation come from Israeli companies which create them in laboratories. As for making Monsanto, seeds are created ad hoc for Mediterranean climate despite the regulation on the import of such products which are potentially damaging for the land”, saids Sion, from Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions (BDS) association.

At the end of the demonstration, other locals stated: “They are not only expropriating our land and our resources but, in this way, also Moroccan traditional identity.

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