COP20: Brazil is optimistic about negotiations

 COP20: Brazil is optimistic about negotiations

In the middle of very work-intense first week of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change, the Brazilian delegation offered a press conference with the participation of the ambassador and head of the Brazilian delegation Antonio Marcondes.


The conference was focused on Brazil’s prospects for COP20. In the opening speech the ambassador said he was optimistic about the development of the COP20 and hopes to succeed in the agreements.

The questions to the delegation got around the proposals that Brazil submitted to the UNFCCC. Brazil presented two proposals to be discussed in the period of the COP, where one of his main points is called concentric differentiation, which aims to enable countries to reduce their emissions in a differentiated manner by creating common but differentiated responsibilities, therefore overcomung self-differentiation problems that limit the final agreement.

Then the concentric differentiation, in its current condition will allow each country to have a categorization that would imply a certain type of commitment to reduce emissions in the next agreement.

However, as the conditions in these countries change, they would pass on to a more central category, assuming greater commitments, and so on. At the end of the press conference the ambassador spoke about the International Youth Media Agency and highlighted the importance of youth participation and accompanying negotiations on climate change: “Brazil is a young country, if we had not the participation of that part of our population with us, accompanying us, demanding and encouraging, we would be an incomplete delegation.

We are motivated and have talked to many young representatives from various sectors and we have had enough and contributions to which we give great importance”, the ambassador said.

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