COY12: An opportunity to share an ambition

 COY12: An opportunity to share an ambition

As a young person working on a project organized by the Youth PressnAgency, an initiative of youth participation which is covering the Conference Of Youth about climate change (COY12) in Marrakech these days, I wanted to ask people from around the world their opinions about this hot topic.


So I interviewed this young man from Japan,named Kousuke Kirihata,who had very objective and precise answers to my questions.

What are your thoughts about COY12?

Kousuke Kirihata: In COY 12 young people come together from around the world and share their ambitions, it’s exciting and also interesting that we can learn many things from the activities here.

What do you think you can do to make a change in our world?

Kousuke Kirihata: We are a part of a NGO and we submitted some proposals to the government about the climate change. How about us young people? What can we do?As youth we must find a way to fight climate change, submitting better proposals and doing more activities is very important.

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