Creating a history of coming together

 Creating a history of coming together

Let’s Take Care of the Planet (LTCP) was launched by the Brazilian Ministry of Education in 2009 and culminated with the international conference Let’s Take Care of the Planet in June 2010 in Brasilia.


At the conference they gathered young people from 47 countries.

This year the Conference is taking place in Lisbon, Portugal, and 10 European countries are taking part in LTCP 2018. Those countries are Spain, Italy, Georgia, Turkey, Romania, Belgium, Denmark, Lithuania, Portugal and France Guyana.

We made a survey during the Conference and the question was: What are your expectations about our event? We interviewed delegates from different countries and there were many interesting answers:

Manuel, Portugal: “I want to come to my house and feel that I have done something great for the earth, for the environment, and I will try to continue the action I started at the conference. I hope these problems disappear and our planet will be saved.”

Agrie, Lithuania: “I want to meet new people, I want to communicate with people form different countries and I want to find new friends.”

Natali, Georgia: “I want to improve my self confidence and independence. I want to communicate with students so my problem disappears.”

To sum everything up, we of the Youth Press Agency will be informing you about all of the news that will happen during our Conference. Hope all the expectations will be met and the delegates will return to their homes pleased and amazed.

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