Dear logbook

 Dear logbook

It’s the first time I write and I can’t wait any longer!

By Elisa Calliari


We are in the middle of an over-night meeting to determine the best possible way of dealing with the first day at the COP: you can imagine the importance of this moment.

Still, I wanted to share with you a wonderful initiative of which we have been protagonists today. We had the chance of introducing our project at a side event in the COY, organized in collaboration with the International Centre for Climate Governance of Venice.

With Daniele and Sara we explained how the project was born in Brazil and it spread to other countries until reaching Trentino…In brackets: we had to do the presentation in Spanish and you can’t imagine the neologisms I was able to pull out during my speech!

I’ve got to say it was pretty cool to see how interested youth were about our initiative: in my opinion very soon we might have a Peruvian branch, let’s see!

Until our next update! I need to charge my batteries for my first day at the COP!

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