Diary: Expectations VS Reality

 Diary: Expectations VS Reality

Our country is hosting the COP 22 and as teenagers we are attending the COY12 (Conference of Youth). We were ready, excited and prepared to do our work as reporters of the Youth Press Agency.


We had already chosen the conferences that we would be attending and covering and we had already prepared our questions. We attended the first conference,but realized afterwards that it was not the conference we had gotten ready for. It was the right place and the right time but our conference was changed and we were not informed. So we decided to do what every good journalist does. We tracked down the information.

And it worked! By the evening we were familiar with the place and everything went so well. We sure had different expectations but we understood once again that things will not always work as we expect them to, so we have to be flexible and adapt ourselves to the situations that we will be in. Because life is not always the party we hoped for but since we are there we might as well dance!

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