Earth Day 2016: A new opportunity to renew ourselves

 Earth Day 2016: A new opportunity to renew ourselves

This Global Campaign of celebrations every year looks for add people who are interesting on take care our planet and also who want to do something and don’t know how to do it.


Join to these global and simultaneous celebrations for the Earth DayThis year, Red+Vos will organize again the Earth Day Celebrations Campaign (22nd April).The goal is to mobilize Latin America and the entire world to celebrate among actions that helps people and society for the transition to the new era for us and our planet. A new era of renewable energies!

Why this year it’s so important?

From Red+Vos believe that we are in front of a new era and unique opportunity to renew our energies and start to make the change. Last year means a big step for our future, on COP21 on last December a global agreement against climate change, the Paris Agreement, was signed. This was an event that shows the beginning of a new era for our planet and for every people that lives in.

This agreement means a big compromise that developed and developing countries took to limit the degradation of the environment and the emissions of greenhouse gases. For this reason, on 22nd April is the date that the states can ratify the Paris Agreement, on the Earth Day. At list 55 countries have to ratify this agreement, for this we want to send a massive message to the governments, companies and society. Also us we are part of this compromise.

How? We have to be the examples for those people who govern us, and we have to compromise ourselves to learn and teach how can we generate changes and promote sustainable lifestyles. ObjectiveMobilize simultaneous people around the world, in a symbolic day that invites us to renew our habits and our energies. We are part of the change! We are part of a new era of renovation!This is the message that we want to promote this year to children and adults. The renovation starts with our thoughts and makes real with our habits and actions, but for the governments the renovations means the transition towards renewable energies and the end of oil era.

What do we propose?

We propose to organize events (of any size, it can be big or small) to show different actions and local initiatives related to our commitment.The idea is that the participants of the events learn how and what they can do to reduce the impact of fossil fuels, but also other materials, substances and practices that affect our planet. No matter the size of the event or city, the important thing is raising awareness and show that we are the ones who should change habits, not only the States have to use new types of energy.

When?We think the best way is to celebrate Earth Day simultaneously on April 24th. Anyway, celebrations can also take place the whole week from the 17th to 24th of April.

Where? Latin America and the world are invited to participate!Check the Global Map of Celebrations to see if there are events already organized in your city and join!If there are no events in your city yet, you can organize your own!
How do i join?If you want to organize your event in your city/job/country/school or you have already done one and want to add it to the Global Map of Celebrations, here’s the full information:

1. Download the instructions of How do I join by clicking here
2. Complete the form clicking here
3. Graphic Pack: Download the campaign’s image by clicking here and create all the graphic pieces you want (shirts, flyers, signs, and more).
4. How do I spread the campaign and my event? Click here and download the Social Media Guideline.
5. Change your profile picture click here Click here and check 2015 and 2014 campaign to see what is coming!
If you have questions for us, please write to We hope you join us to the celebration!

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