Education arises again in the Climate discussions

 Education arises again in the Climate discussions

While discussing complex and technical issues such as adaptation, mitigation, financing mechanisms, REED +; COP 20 advances and is near the end of its first week.

By Luiza Winckler


A prominent place also comes with the talks about education. And education here in Lima is understood as the so-called Article 6 of the Convention on Climate that talks about education, training and public awareness about climate change.
Many countries and organizations already work in education and awareness around the issue of climate change, but it is recognized here that a greater effort must be made to achieve good results.

A work program on education was adopted in 2002 when the countries pledged to create and implement national education plans on climate change.

Because of its importance, the issue was highlighted and its concepts deepened in workshops sponsored by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) every year in Bonn, Germany.

It is in this space where education is most discussed and workshops and consultations are conducted to improve their development.In 2014, the UNFCCC Secretariat prepared a report on best practices for the participation of stakeholders in the implementation of Article 6.

It was agreed in this process that each country would have a focal point to address this issue. Nevertheless, many countries have not done this or have not taken it very seriously the implementation of a focal point and national education plans.

So this is a major challenge for both, governments and civil society, to take climate change to all educational areas: schools, youth movements, NGOs, etc. Without forgetting that it is necessary to educate children, youth and also adults, in an interdisciplinary way, based on a holistic and reality of living approach, not just talking about science but also of our relationship with the environment we live in and the living creatures that exist within.

The good news is that the theme reappeared here at COP of Lima during discussions to reach a basic text for the purpose of the negotiations by the end of COP and the 2015 agreement in Paris.

Technically, a submission has been made (idea of an introduction to the text) and some re-writing are being made by the countries, but the text was generally well received by the parties, including the G77 and China, which leads us to believe that this issue will be in the final text that will leave Lima and the 2015 agreement.

To improve our expectations on the education issue for the results of this COP, an important moment came when Poland, the country that made the submission on education, called the youth to contribute their text and put their ideas.
Young people who are contributing are part of the working group on education of YOUNGO, the youth division at the UN negotiations on climate.

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