“El sistema es una mierda”

 “El sistema es una mierda”

“We are in a climate emergency”, “This Conference is a farce”, “El sistema es una mierda”, “Capitalism kills the planet”….


Many slogans and songs among the voices, posters and banners showed by thousands of people walking through the streets of Madrid during the Climate March, which takes place every year in occasion of the Conference of United Nations on Climate Change (COP).

The police talked about 30.000 demonstrators only, however, organisers totalled 500.000 thousand people. We, the Youth Press Agency, were there the 6th December 2019. There was also Greta Thunberg with a lot of young people, children, adults, representatives of indigenous peoples and social movements from all over the world. The March inaugurated the “Cumbre de los Pueblos”, a parallel event to the COP25 that lasts from the 6th to the 13th of December.
The March has been promoted by Fridays for Future, Alianza por el Clima, Alianza por la Emergencia Climática y 2020 Rebelión por el Clima, with the support of Chilean organisations Cumbre de los Pueblos, Sociedad Civil por la Acción Climática (SCAC) and Minga Indígena.

On stage, Greta reiterated the words which are now a mantra shared by everybody: “The change is coming from the people, which is us. Change is coming whether you like it or not because we have no other choice.”

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