It’s 2016, it’s the 21st century. Everything is connected. Everyone is online.


Technology is used everywhere, why not serving the environment?

This is a question that many people, researchers, entrepreneurs and founders of companies having to do with technology, all around the world have been bothered with. So they developed the concept ’technology serving the environment” which was shortened afterwards to become ’EnviroTech’.

They thought of using renewable energies to reduce the negative environmental impacts so they can get a sort of green technology, a clean one that is friendly to our world and our environment. Many famous people such as Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg are investing in projects like carbon engineering. It is a technology to capture CO2 directly from the air. This is one example which shows clearly how useful technology can be in serving the environment and examples are many.

This is a big world we are living in, a home which is reuniting all of us, making us its citizens. So it is our duty to keep it safe and healthy, to keep our sky blue and clear so that we can see the sun shining, our birds singing and ournflowers blooming. It is a big challenge in fact. Nevertheless, nothing is impossible as long as we have the will to do it, as long as we stick together to bring a positive change to our world, as long as we are all united for a better common future for us and our environment.

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