Felix Tshisekedi and the Elections in Congo: An Ineluctable Five-Year Period Between Controversies and Hopes

 Felix Tshisekedi and the Elections in Congo: An Ineluctable Five-Year Period Between Controversies and Hopes

In Congo’s electoral context, Felix Tshisekedi stands as a central figure in an intricate political ballet. This article explores the next five years, a crucial period for the Democratic Republic of Congo, full of contrasts and expectations.

By Daniele Salvatori 

Mentor: Augusto Goio

Translation: Juliana Santos 

The 2023 presidential election revealed a new and controversial chapter in the political history of the Democratic Republic of Congo, with Felix Tshisekedi at the helm for another five-year term. Despite his landslide victory, the shadow of controversy and protest has loomed over the results, generating crucial questions about the future of the African country and the urgency of tackling entrenched problems such as corruption. 

Fight for legitimacy 

While the Independent Electoral Commission announced Tshisekedi’s victory, the debate on the legitimacy of his mandate is heated. The Constitutional Court, called to confirm the results on January 10, finds itself at the center of a dramatic struggle for recognition, fueled by opponents’ protests. A country that seeks hope, but is suspended in uncertainty.

The Call for Unity and Cohesion 

From the top of his headquarters, Tshisekedi proclaimed himself “President of all Congolese”, a call for national unity in a country torn apart by historical divisions. However, the road to true cohesion is arduous and full of conflicting emotions, while people wait with hope for these words to materialize into tangible actions.

Economic crisis

The economic crisis, a symbol of a dark reality, afflicts the nation, with a large portion of young people out of work and the majority of the population immersed in poverty. It is a cry of desperation that calls for a new beginning – and for policies that can lift the burden of poverty and restore hope to an exhausted population. 


The promise to pacify the war-torn eastern provinces is a commitment full of emotion. The suffering of refugees, both internal and external, requires an urgent and compassionate response. Peace is not just a political necessity, but an act of compassion towards those who have experienced the hell of violence.

Fight against corruption

But among the most difficult challenges is corruption, a hidden enemy that undermines the very fabric of Congolese society. It is a cancer that undermines citizens’ trust and distorts justice. Tshisekedi must tackle this problem head on, as corruption undermines hope for a more just and prosperous future. 

In this context of hope and challenges, the role of the international community is crucial. The outside world must monitor the situation, encouraging transparency, justice and the fight against corruption. The hope of a better Congo is a shared responsibility that goes beyond national borders. 

As Felix Tshisekedi begins his new mandate, Congo is immersed in a whirlwind of emotions, from hope to uncertainty, from the promise of a better future to concern about looming challenges. The road is difficult, but the resilience of the Congolese people is a beacon of *hope. The re-elected president must lead the country with heart and determination, transforming emotions into concrete actions that can forge a brighter future for all.

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