Festival Arte e Ambiente for Environmental Awareness in Portugal

 Festival Arte e Ambiente for Environmental Awareness in Portugal

“A River of Memories.”


That’s the slogan established to guide the about of 60 youngsters, educators, researchers and professors participating in the Art and Environment Days VI Edition, which are having place on the days 12/13/14 October in Sao Pedro So Sul, in the North of Portugal.

Once again, the Portuguese Association for Environmental Education (Associação Portuguesa de Educação Ambiental- ASPEA), a non-profit association with more than 30 years of background, organizes the Festival Arte e Ambiente, an event aimed to increase environmental awareness and responsibility, with arts as main channel. This year, the Event counts with the support of Alves Martins Educative Center, Sao Pedro do Sul Municipal Chamber and As Termas de S. Pedro do Sul, where the event will be located. Furthermore, the Days will be covered by the Youth Press Agency, with the presence of its coordinator, Paulo Lima and under the ASPEA’ s Communication Chief, Liliana Ferreira.

Under the theme Express’Art: A River of Memories, the program features artistic communications, creative workshops, field paths, team work dynamics, performances and a variety of socio-cultural activities, divided into 4 thematic axis addressing different artistic expression, paying special attention to its social and communicative dimension.

In order to approach the Environmental Education (EA) to the widest variety of artistic manifestations, the Days pretend to empower participants with tools and techniques to make them capable to develop their work in EA field in a comprehensive way, by offering them strategies and methodologies within the experimentation and socio-cultural framework.

This year, the Art’Ambiente Team has the inestimable collaboration of a group of young reporters coming from all over Portugal, in Sao Pedro do Sul. Thank you, Miguel Magalhães, Daniel Ferreira, Magda Mendes, Margarida Policarpo e Magdalena Oliveira, for making this possible!

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