First space for exchange open to the public in the COP21

 First space for exchange open to the public in the COP21

For the first time in its history, the COP21 creates a space to give visibility to organizations and sustainable projects in the world.


The space, called “Espaces Generations Climat” is one of the innovations of the 21st edition of the UN Conference on Climate Change taking place in Paris this year.This new exchange site is a colorful and interactive space open to the general public, where international networks and artists congregates to show their projects and sustainable initiatives to the world. It will be areas of debate, knowledge and exchange open until December 11th from 10:30 am to 7 pm, except Sunday 6th.A total of 360 organizations from local and international civil society, give life to this place where the public can explore and participate through 120 stands, about 20 interactive educational exhibits, almost 340 conferences and over 60 film screenings, among other things. In the corridors of Espaces Generations Climat you can find various sectors dedicated to conferences, games, experiments, projects and international networks.

The common feature of them all is that they are made from recycled materials: palettes, styrofoam, fabrics and paper, cover with colors the place creating a relaxed and fun environment. In addition, visitors can leave encouraging and hopeful messages to our planet on a large tree made of reused wood. As well, you can take your picture with positive awareness messages posing with an intervened frame with disused electrical adapters symbolizing the adaptation we should do about climate change.

Other Curiosities Experiments can be found in different stands. With gloves and the help of an expert, the user generates mixture components and chemical reactions to know, for example, the level of smog that affects the most polluted cities in the world. This space was created to promote and encourage debate on solutions to climate change both locally and globally, for our present and future.

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