Formula-E brings innovation, speed and clean energy to Marrakech

 Formula-E brings innovation, speed and clean energy to Marrakech

Twenty cars are in their position at the Marrakech Race Circuit. Green lights.


The cars accelerate the motors and… no noise! Welcome to Formula E – the FIA car racing with 100% electric cars.

Launched in 2014 the Formula-E is similar of the traditional Formula-1. The competition has three core values: Energy, Environment and Entertainment. Such as Formula-1 which, more than entertain, had a big contribution at the development of the auto industry, Formula-E came to contribute to the improvement of the E-Cars technologies. One example is that in the first season of the competition, all the 10 teams used the same car – the Spark-Renault SRT_01E zero emissions – and the same powertrain. But at the second season the powertrain technology has been opened up. The result was astonishing. Seven manufacturers have produced new motor, invertor and gearbox solutions. “Formula E inspires development in electric car technology”, communicated Enel Green Energy Power, one of the partners of data collecting in Formula-E.

In Marrakech, Formula-E came to chancel the COP22 and also to mark the first racing of this category in an African country. The race also brought to the city famous names of the automobilism, such as Alain Prost – chef of the team Renault E-Dams; his son Nico Prost – which drives for the same team runned by his father; and Nelson Piquet Junior – son of the famous brazilian racer Nelson Piquet. The celebrity Leonardo Dicaprio – which was also in the city during the race – is owner of one of the teams.

The race called the attention of the population and participants of COP22 which came last Saturday to watch and satisfy their curiosity. Beyond the almost no-noise of the cars, other curiosities include the fact that the drivers need to change the cars on the pit-stop when the battery is over and that even moved by 100% electricity, the cars can reach 220 km/h and go from 0 to 100km/h in just 3 seconds.

The third season of Formula-E continue until the first semester of 2017. Next races include cities such as Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Paris, Berlin and New York.

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