Fossil of the Day: Australia on the eleventh award

 Fossil of the Day: Australia on the eleventh award

“Here in Lima Australia is saying they cannot understand the concept of temperature limit in the long term.


But have you ever tried to put food in the oven while it is still warming-up?

” With these jokes the winner of the Fossil of the Day is announced on Tuesday 9th of December.

Again it is Australia who wins this recognition by the Climate Action Network for committing the maximum effort to meet the minimum possible to respond to the challenges of climate change.

The World Bank report “Turn Down the Heat” on the importance of reducing global warming emphasizes the importance of preventing the rising of temperatures between 1.5-2°C and many states have shared this warning, but the Australians do not seem to get the risks.

Another aspect is that Australia seems to have difficulties understanding the idea of “global solidarity”. This refers to the requirement from each country to find ways to deal with problems that affects everyone.

We all live in a single biosphere and are also interconnected with respect to our health, safety and food sources. This means that when talking about the effects of climate change everyone should feel involved.

The fact that Australia continues this negative behaviour, formulating some unconstructive comments is surprising when you consider the many islands on its shores in vulnerable conditions.

The presence of periods of drought and fires that often plague the Australian territory should visualize the need to abandon the free-rider approach and take concrete measures in view of the global partnership to manage climate change

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