From waste products to sustainable fashion

 From waste products to sustainable fashion

Did you know that 85% of the material used from the industry of fashion for the production of clothes is thrown in the bin?


Soon after petrol, the industry of fashion is the most polluting and dangerous for the environment. Let us give you an example: producing a cotton t-shirt requires 2,700 liters of water; a pair of jeans about 7,000 liters. Not even worker’s rights are respected. In fact, it is well known that a large number of famous brands exploit manpower in developing countries.

However, there is a reality that seeks to promote a big change: sustainable fashion.At the International Conference of Youth on Climate Change (COY13), held in Bonn from Nov 2nd to Nov 4th we met one of those realities: Querencia Studio deals with social, environmental and human rights issues involving the industry of fashion.

Made up by a team of young New Yorkers, Querencia Studio collaborates with Fabscrap and recycles pieces of cloth which are thrown by the biggest fashion companies. Moreover, it uses a percentage of bamboo’s fiber and recycled cotton, creating unique and eco-sustainable textures. Their products range from basic t-shirts to elegant jumpsuits.

Currently, the price of recycled clothes is not low, but the Querencia Studio guys explained that “the more people will support the industry of sustainable fashion, the lower the cost for these items will be. As a result, the price for a recycled t-shirt will get close to the one for a common cotton t-shirt. With just a difference: the process.”

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