Get introduced to the Fossil of the Day

 Get introduced to the Fossil of the Day

COP is the moment when the parties gather and take decisions about climate change. Despite this, some countries don’t want to play the game. These ones receive the award named the Fossil of the Day, that uses a good mood to make the participants aware about the attitudes of the countries.

By Emilia de Mattos Merlini and Daniele Savietto


Every Day, the CAN team (Climate Action Network -hiperlink: site can) gather to, among other actions, choose the country that is going to receive the prize. The initiative got born in 1999, during the German NGO Forum, organized by the United Nation Organization.

At the first day on COP19 (hiperlink matéria COP), the Fossil went to Australia whom the image was already negative after dismantling its climate change department, as well as intending to remove its carbon price. It got even worst, when the government announced that it will not be putting forward any new finance commitments during the negotiations here in Warsaw. The Australian ministers also declared considering climate finance as “socialism masquerading as environmentalism”. Exceptionally today, it was given the award Ray of Solidarity for Philippines and one promoted one moment of silence because of the difficult moment that the country has to deal with now.

Stay tuned: during COP19, every day, we’ll follow the Fossil of the Day award. And think: if you were a country, it would be necessary for you to won the Fossil to change your actions? *The Youth Brazilian Delegation on COP19 is composed by the following organizations: Aliança Mundial das ACMs, Engajamundo, Federação Luterana Mundial and Viração Educomunicação.

About the meetings Fossil of the Day – Room Katowice – 1º andar, B6A2 – A4 – 1st level – onde vai acontecer (cantor)Nos outros dias – a reunião será aqui às 17h.Heather – A malaRia voorhaar – Can secretariat – help a 100 NGOs c Ria

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