Hire YPA

Hire YPA

YPA has been providing educommunicative coverages of events since its origin at the World Social Forum in 2005. Hiring YPA to provide educommunicative coverages for your event is the best way to get rich content and enhance the skills of teens and young people as developing subjects, with specific knowledge to contribute to the world. The process of educommunicative coverage is structured as an educational activity, strengthening autonomy, collaborative work and peer education – where the subject experiences a horizontal learning relationship with
other teens and young people.

Contact us and hire YPA to provide an educommunicative coverage for your event!

Collaborators participate in technical and thematic training initiatives

They participate in events and tell them using different communication languages โ€‹โ€‹(articles, photographs, videos, etc.)

The contents are reviewed by the coordination team, published and translated into the languages โ€‹โ€‹of the Agency

In addition, we also offer training for young people, teachers, educators and
communication professionals. Our team is specialized in youth, human rights,
educommunication and related topics. If you are interested in hiring our training, please
contact us.