How China is going green

 How China is going green

The Red Dragon burns about 45% of the coal used in the entire world, and since 1990 its carbon dioxide emissions have risen from 2 to 9 billion yearly.


There are over 2,300 coal-fired plants in the People’s Republic of China and they represent the first cause of early deaths and health problems. Moreover, the production of energy and the means of transport are the main source contributions to fine particles.

Thanks to technological and industrial progress, China is aiming at reducing its environmental impact using innovative and alternative methods.

Digital payments have almost completely replaced paper receipts: you just need to scan a QR code with your smartphone, read the information stored in the code with a specific app and then buy the desired item. “The payment is entirely digital. This makes purchases faster and transactions environmentally friendly as they do not require the use of paper.” This is what we are told during the International Youth Conference on Climate Change (COY13), Bonn 2-4 November, by some young activists of China Youth Climate Action Networking.

In August 2016, a mobile internet financial service company, the Hangzhou-based Ant Financial Services Group launched a scheme called “Ant Forest” on Alipay. In the “Ant Forest” scheme, any activities on the Alipay platform by users that are considered low-carbon are counted and converted into virtual “green energy.” When virtual green energy reaches the amount of 17,9 kg, the activists responsible for the project, plant a real tree.
Bike-sharing is another way to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions related to the use of cars. Chinese have been provided with 16 million bicycles to discourage them to use thecar.Thanks to a healthy and virtuous lifestyle, it is also possible to improve the quality of air. More than one billion Chinese citizens have subscribed to the bike share programme. Every bike is protected by a maglock which, once again, can only be disabled using a QR-code scanner.

China is trying to reduce environmental damage and to keep the environment safe and clean. Everybody can give their contribution and make the difference. And you? What can YOU do?

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