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The Youth Press Agency is an initiative of youth participation through the creative use of new and traditional tools of communication and information. 
Promoted by: Viração Educomunicação (Brazil), Viração&Jangada (Italy), Fundación TierraVida (Argentina) and ClimaLab (Colombia). 
The Youth Press Agency is made up of a group of mediators from Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Italy who engage young people in citizen journalism to fulfil their human right to freedom of expression.
Paulo Lima
Brazilian. Journalist, educomunicator and Ashoka Fellow from the Brazilian favelas. Now, he feels as a "new highlander", given that he lives in the most successful site of Trentino since 2009. After graduating in Philosophy, Theology and Journalism, he has founded Viração Educomunicação in Brazil and Viração&Jangada in Italy, both associations dealing with communication and education to human rights projects for adolescents and young people all over the world. 
Giulia De Paoli

Italian. Member of the Youth Press Agency since 2018. After her BA in Economics and Social Sciences at the Free University of Bolzano, she specialized in Human Rights and Multi-Level Govenance at the University of Padua (Italy). Currently working as project manager at the Association Viraçao&Jangada in Trento, she is daily involved in educommunication-based initiatives with adolescents from all over the world on issues related to human rights, education to planetary citizenship, climate change and participatory communication.

Paula Bonfatti

Brazilian. Journalist and Master in Urban Studies and Public Policy. Communications and Marketing Analyst at Viração Educomunicação, Paula has been working in the nonprofit sector for 8 years leading Social Marketing projects, Digital Communication and Institutional Communication strategies. Believes in the appropriation of different communication tools and platforms to forward the social justice movements’ agenda. Member of the Youth Press Agency since 2016.


Jhoanna Cifuentes

Colombian. Founder of the NGO ClimaLab and co-founder of the Colombian Youth Climate Movement (MCJC). Member of the Youth Press Agency since 2014. She has a degree in Biology Education and is a aspiring to a Master in Education. For several years she has been linked to different youth organizations and initiatives in her country and internationally in areas such as climate change, environmental education, communication and leadership.


Santiago Aldana

Colombian. Communications Coordinator of the Global Warning Agency Foundation, Project Coordinator of La Ciudad Verde Bogotá and member of the ClimaLab team, is part of the Youth News Agency since 2017. He has worked on projects related to environmental sustainability, creative industries and climate change, joining communication to promote processes of awareness, connection and creation of new strategies to face the different environmental and social challenges from the creativity, supported from the area of ​​Environmental Management in which he has developed his studies.


Joel Hernán González

Argentinian. Member of the Youth Press Agency since 2018. BA in International Relations and PhD student in International Relations from the National University of Rosario (UNR). The lines of research and individual interests are linked to climate change and forests. These aspects have led him to the publication of research articles, to serve as Secretary of the Department of the Environment of the Institute of International Relations of the Universidad de la Plata (UNLP) and more recently to join the TierraVida Foundation.


María Magdalena Gavier

Argentinian. Member of the Youth News Agency since 2017. Journalist and Social Communicator, lover of teaching and teamwork. She is convinced that the true change must be generated from the small habits, with the eyes awake and the open mind to the new. She worked in graphic media until reaching Fundación TierraVida in 2017. There she worked in the area of Communication and the area of Youth and Climate Change, where she is currently working as a coordinator.


Jesús David Barreiro​

Argentinian. Meteorology enthusiast and student of the Degree in Environmental Management. Member of Fundación TierraVida, in collaboration with the Agencia Joven de Noticias, since 2018. The love of science, the importance of climatology and respect for nature made their vocation a non-negotiable commitment to the environment. At present, there is a scientific consensus, almost generalized, around the idea that our mode of production and energy consumption is generating a global climatic alteration that is causing serious impacts both on land and on socioeconomic systems. The time to act is now.

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