International Women’s Day, above all, a political day.

 International Women’s Day, above all, a political day.

From Historical Struggle to Contemporary Imperatives – Explore the Political Role of Women and the Ongoing Challenges. Join the Movement for Change. 

By Ana Loureiro and Daniele Savietto

On March 8th, we globally commemorate International Women’s Day. Beyond recognizing the political and commercial exploitation by liberalism and capitalism, it’s crucial to contemplate women’s role in securing constitutional rights and reaffirm our fight for a life grounded in freedom and equality.

Reflecting on this date, we remember the tragic 1911 fire in New York. However, the choice of March 8th, officially endorsed by the UN in 1975, was marked by countless women’s collective demonstrations, advocating for their social and political rights.

A recent example of this struggle unfolded in France earlier this week. The country became the first worldwide to embed women’s right to abortion in its constitution, making the law significantly more resistant to repeal, especially by any far-right political party assuming power.

It’s noteworthy that throughout history, France has played a crucial role in advancing feminist ideals, particularly in proto-feminism, championed by figures like Mary Wollstonecraft during the French Revolution. Recognizing the gaps in rights, especially for women, Mary published “A Vindication of the Rights of Woman with Strictures on Political and Moral Subjects” in 1792, laying the groundwork for seminal feminist theories exemplified by Simone de Beauvoir.

Today stands as a political milestone, urging reflection on the struggles of past women and the valorization of their journeys. Their courage and determination have paved the way for the rights and opportunities we now enjoy. Yet, we must also celebrate contemporary women who continue to drive progress across diverse domains.

Nevertheless, our path ahead remains daunting. Women’s rights have faced setbacks globally, with a UN report projecting another 300 years to achieve gender equity. As emphasized by Antonio Guterres:

“Centuries of patriarchy, discrimination, and harmful stereotypes have created a significant gender gap in science and technology… Let’s be clear: global structures aren’t working for women and girls.”

 Borrowing from Simone de Beauvoir’s words: “Never forget that a political, economic, or religious crisis is enough to question women’s rights. These rights are not permanent. You’ll have to remain vigilant throughout your life.”

That’s why we reaffirm that this is, above all and more than anything, a political day. And politics is collective. It’s done in a space of exchange and construction.

We, women, must strengthen our unity. It’s crucial to continue building collective and diverse paths, ensuring that everyone is seen and represented. Only then can we tackle problems that, far from being individual, are systemic and interconnected, finding solutions through this collaboration.

Together, we are better and definitely stronger. That’s why we provide HERE a list of cool movements you can join. And if you don’t identify with any, create your own, gather your friends, aunts, neighbors, do something new. The world definitely needs your voice and your strength.

And, to conclude, we leave you with this poem by Conceição Evaristo:


The voice of my great-grandmother

echoed as a child

in the ship’s holds.

echoed cries

of a lost childhood.

The voice of my grandmother

echoed obedience

to the white owners of everything.

The voice of my mother

echoed softly revolt

in the depths of others’ kitchens

under the bundles

dirty clothes of the whites

along the dusty path

towards the slum.

My voice still

echoes perplexing verses

with rhymes of blood



The voice of my daughter

gathers all our voices

collects within herself

the silent voices silenced

choked in throats.

The voice of my daughter

collects within herself

the speech and the act.

The yesterday – the today – the now.

In the voice of my daughter

will be heard the resonance

the echo of life-freedom.

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