“My first time in a March”

 “My first time in a March”

As a kid I grew up reading about revolutions and idols such as Martin Luther King Jr. and Che Guevara.


I always dreamt of leading people to freedom and equality. However I never thought that one of the main causes to fight for in my era would be the climate. What have we done to mother Earth?

This question hunted the corners of my mind for a long time, until I got the honor to participate in COP22 in my hometown, Marrakesh, through the Project The New Voice of Climate, promoted by Viração&Jangada and Tribe of Way, financed by Enel Green Power. During this, oh so short, journey, I realized that we really are in danger. That we are the reason for this distruction we call progress.

It’s because of our greed that we left nothing for future generations, if there will be any. Sunday 13 November 2016, a day I will never forget. My first march defending my rights and my home. If I had to describe the COP22 March in one word, it would be «Overwhelming». Yes, the feeling was indescribable. People from all around the world gathered in the Harti Street to raise their voice, to act , and to show how much they care. However, no one let their differences got between the cause that united and still unites us : Mother Nature.

Fun and work combined in one amazing and powerful voice. I saw the faith and commitement in each and everyones eyes. I was touched about their willingness. I was dumbfounded by their capacities and what are they capable of to correct our mistake. But most of all, I was devestaded by what earth is becoming.

I, as a living person in this planet, plegde to dedicate myself to this Earth. I vow to save humanity. It’s our responsability.

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