My impressions on COP22

 My impressions on COP22

The first day at the COP, Marrakesh surprised us with a raining day but surprised us also with an event as big as it was promised.


From the negociation rooms in which decisions were taken on the spot for the future of the climate, to the separate side events from around the world, there was huge diversity in the COP22.

There were 2 main zones: the blue zone that holds most of the state level collaborations in service of the climate, and the green zone that holds the civil society activities.

I expected the participants to be mostly young people but I was surprised to see that this was especially true for the green zone, the blue zone had more diversity in terms of age and status.

The huge diversity of projects made it that in each stand, there were various events in the same day, so in every stand in the entire zone, many events were happening at once and the challenge was to try and be present in the right ones, ones relevant to The Project The New Voice Of Climate.

The kick-off day was rather a global observation of the place, the dynamic and how to plan the next days. It sure did not look easy or simple at first sight but we will discover what the next days will give!

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