Negotiation in pills

 Negotiation in pills

What little and big Country are expecting by COP20 The opening day of the COP20 ended with the best wishes from the most countries.

By Silvia Debiasi


After the intentions expressed by the new President and Minister of Environment Peruvian Pulgar-Vidal, who declared this conference “can really make the history”, the various coalitions have expressed their intentions.

The most interesting, extracted from the Earth Negotiations Bulletin are among others the EU, who quoted high expectations from the Conference, underlining that the group recently proposed 40% of reduction emissions by 2030.

The Alliance of Small Island State, through the spokesman of Nauru, one of the smallest countries represented, highlighted the need for a financial commitment on the part of developed countries, with the investment of $ 100 billion per year.
In regard to civil society, the Youth NGOs asked the leaders to overcome their expectations, while the Trade Union and NGOs lamented a widespread lack of ambition of the leaders.

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