On the road to the green economy

 On the road to the green economy

The conference “Climate Policiesn nd Climate-Sensitive Investments” addressed the issue of climate finance as a lever for sustainable development.


By paying particular attention to the tools to be developed in order to obtain the benefits necessary to achieve the objectives set by the climate policies of the countries, various means of achieving these objectives were presented.

Stakeholders, mostly finance ministers,nspoke of the need for countries to generate revenues so that national contributions could benefit from larger funds for investment in ecological structures.

Moroccan Finance Minister Mohamed Boussaid spoke of a platform of exchange in order to provide useful information to reinforce effective actions. Morocco is at the initiative of the triple AAA, an initiative to include Adaptation,Agriculture and Africa. It is a major vocation for Morocco in the establishment of project financing and with a view to encouraging African countries to work together. The major role of finance ministries in the use of engineering to drive sustainable growth and to evolve towards a “green economy” was promoted by eco-responsible projects.

French Finance Minister Michel Sapin outlined the importance of regulation and regulation in termsn of the so-called green taxation (carbon tax and fiscal incentives for companies responsible for the environment) and the importance of creating New forms of investment funds linked to the environment.
On the other hand, it was mentioned that making the distinction between growth and climate is a mistake. Green projects have strong potential for growth and yield. Japan’s finance minister, Yoshido Noda, has chosen to increase “green technologies“. As for the other speakers, they recalled the stakes and provisions relating tontheir countries. The green economy therefore implies a reassessment of our ability to adjust our practices and actions for a successful transition.

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