Our 2014 in a few words

 Our 2014 in a few words

This is how we got to the end of 2014, a year filled with achievements and growth for the whole network!


Today, we’d like to share and remember some of the major achievements made over the last 12 months:

Earth Day:

Inside and outside of our region, 46 cities in 15 different countries came together with diverse simultaneous celebrations, joining the third edition of the Earth Day Campaign, this year driven and organized along with CLIC!

Communications team and Facilitators:

Communication is one of our main tools to share, inspire and give visibility. This year we focused on building a team that could devote more energy to this task that we are so passionate about.

This was how:

• A communications team was consolidated, with three young people leading the three regions that constitute the Network: Jhoanna Cifuentes (Colombia) for the Andean and Caribbean region, and Sebastián Roa (Brazil) together with Pablo Bocco (Argentina) for the Southern Cone region.
• We created the Red+Vos Translators team that allows us to reach Latin America in all its languages, as well as Italy and

English speaking countries.

• A new graphic designer that adds color and life to all our work joined us
• 15 new stable editors joined Red+Vos to show that sustainable development is possible and that it is occurring in Latin America.
• Clic! focal points and two new facilitators from Argentina and Venezuela joined us, working from their countries supporting the network by contacting regional organizations and following their activities.

People’s Climate March

We were present at the largest mobilization in history to demand governments concrete actions to address climate change. At the same time, through various organizations and individuals that make up the Red+Vos, we were present supporting and/or organizing, jointly with other organizations, eight parallel marches that were held in six Latin American countries.

Social PreCOP in Venezuela

We participated in the first Ministerial Social PreCOP held in Margarita Island, Venezuela, with the presence of youth from Civil Organizations and Social Movements from around the world, along with ministers from different countries. There, we worked together with our friends from CLIC! We also held very productive personal meetings with the Secretary of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, Christina Figuere, and with the Minister of Environment of Peru and President of COP20, Manuel Purgal Vidal. A declaration on the position regarding climate change was achieved among the young participants to expose before the attending ministers.
UN Model for Climate Change in Peru

We participated in the first UN Model for Climate Change which was held in Lima, Peru. 88 young boys and girls from Colombia, Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru were present. Through this academic event they simulated being COP20 negotiators of 44 member states of the United Nations.

Third Edition of the Youth International Press Agency

We participated in the COP20 and the People’s Summit in Lima Peru implementing the third edition of the Youth International Press Agency, with 22 educommunicators and translators from all over the world, who covered with more than 60 articles published in 4 languages, this major world event of debate on Climate Change, bringing it closer to the youth of the world, especially that of Latin America.

This has been a year of hard work and great satisfactions. The net is continuously growing, and we are stronger than ever to face a 2015 full of challenges, and internationally transcendent events. That is why we need committed participation from each and every member of Red+VOS!

Thank you for sharing and being part of all these good times, without your support this would not be possible! Here’s to a 2015 of multiplied achievements and smiles!Here’s to all the young people who believe in a more sustainable Latin America!

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