People change, not climate change

 People change, not climate change

Today is considered as one of the most outstanding experience we have ever lived.


We have the privilege to contribute in the 12th edition of COY (Conference of youth), this special event motivates us to gain knowledge, and remember it longer.
The main objective of attending this COY 12 is to wake up our awareness as young generation towards climate change and water stress. We really enjoyed the conference atmosphere, it means a lot to us meeting together as teams from different nationalities (Brazilians and Italians). It was a great opportunity to see that most countries are concerned about our mother earth.

We have attended a conference that was presented by Mr. Mohamed Sinan higher education professor at school Hassania of civil engineering who treats hydrological anticipations and Mrs. Hanane Raddad university professor- geography department who gave us a speech over the impact of water stress on ecosystem potentials. Both professors agreed that by 2040, poor countries will be among the ones which will suffer fromnwater scarcity, including Morocco.
We followed different strategies to cover the event of COY 12 (interviews, short videos, recordings and pictures). Our interviews were about earth’s weather conditions.

Some interviewees from Switzerland work as environmental engineer who have the personal connection to the cause; provided us with problems facing our planet whereas others supplied us with some advice as well as suggestions to reduce global warming. These interviews are fun way to record memories, they are extremely effective to showcase the passion and enthusiasm this event inspires us. We took also some pictures in order to show the world what is happening. We chose pictures because they are key to properly covering the COY12.
Concerning the exhibits, they are designed to strengthen the understanding of climate change. We came across some good ideas like plastic recycling (coffee cups) and solar panels.

The conference of youth is a chance to think about the environmental challenges we face and how to solve them. All of us together we can make a difference on COY 12 and COP 22nd, so celebrate it with great zeal.

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