People’s Summit: a systemic change and not a climate change

 People’s Summit: a systemic change and not a climate change

With the motto “Changing the system and no the weather” it is intended to make a call to governments and society in general of the necessity of a transformation of the actual economic model and the consumption habits, which comes from “living good”, like an alternative of capitalism.


During this important event, about 2000 and 3000 participants will be discussing 8 axis distributed in 160 activities that will take place in exposition park (place of principal events) as well as in other places of the city.
This is a place to pick up all the proposals that come from different sections of civil society to turn it into a call for the binding agreement that will be expose to governments and others sections that had been working in COP20 (20th conference of the parts).

Inside this initiative we can highlight participation of native community and rural communities, “La cumbre” radio that will be broadcasting live and “Marcha Mundial en defensa de la Madre Tierra”, which according to Antolín Huascar, president of Confederación Nacional Agraria (CAN) and spokesman of the summit facing climate change, hopes to join about 20.000 souls on this Wednesday 10th december in Av. de la Peruanidad (Mart Field) from 9:00 am.

First day of People’s Summit:During summit’s first day, one of the places gave start to III Encuentro Nacional del Pacto Unidad de organizaciones nativas de Perú where it is pretended to carry out a joint process with native people that allows them to affirm their identity and defense of their territories, said Lucio Cahuaya Pacoricona from Unión de Comunidades Aymaras del Perú (UNCA).

In other rooms, a talk named “Comunicación para el Buen Vivir” it is argued about the necessity of plurality and diversity of voices in communication issues indicating that we must put some limits to the horizontal concentration of media communication trying to make it more intercultural, with guarantee in press liberty without discrimination access and autonomous of the governments in the moment.

On the other hand, Jorge Aburto, director of SERVINDI (Servicios en Comunicación Intercultural) and a member of People’s Summit communication staff said “Some of the expectations of this summit is to sense negotiators that take part in COP20 that it must be an attitude change.

We are playing with destiny of humanity. Climate change is not a scientific problem and is not the future. It is now affecting native people and is developing now.”

This space is friendly for everyone and it is use as an important place where you can share abilities, workshops, ideas, projects, movements, fights and more. The organization of this event have been made during months and in the next days will welcome people from all the world to join mobilization global to face challenges of climate change and the initiation of solutions.

Everyday there is a enormous variety of organizations and presentations about different plots like climate justice, protection of natural environments, Mother Earth’s rights, weather effects and more.
While summit repeats urgency of necessity of climate change, organizers and participants focus in the celebration of life turning summit into a place full of gratitude and respect for everything.

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