Save the planet with a click

 Save the planet with a click

Researches on climate change have reached incredible results in 2017 but very often, the data are not accessible because of their complexity.


Social media and websites offer an effective way to involve the public in environmental issues because they tend to spread strictly scientific topics in a simple and direct way.


This project aims to build a global community by focusing on the pressing problems of our world such as ocean pollution. They also want to raise public awareness about polluting habits through conferences and school projects starting from elementary schools.


Zooniverse is the largest and most popular platform in the world for searching data, publication and news about scientific research and new discoveries.


Mission Blue is an online platform that gives free access to a worldwide network of protected marine areas, called HopeSpots. Their aim is to support individuals and communities dealing with the cause.


Adventure Scientists is a non-profit organization that provides its partners with the collected environmental data which can be then use to better face the environmental challenges of the world.


Project Budburst tries to stimulate its users to observe nature and encourages them to share their observations with the community they belong to.

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