Shearing other looks out COP21 on Climate Change

 Shearing other looks out COP21 on Climate Change

The first Paris morning of December, with the Youth News Agency we participated in a session with secondary school students Le Bourguet .


The young people shared us their experiences on environmental education projects focused on climate change and the COP21 that is taking place in Paris. Le Bourget is a public school that has been restructured and has 500 students. The students of the school had scheduled visits in COP21, but had to be canceled for safety reasons due to the recent incidents of terrorist attacks in Paris.

In a relaxed and dynamic atmosphere, we had the chance of interact with young students who live the United Nation Conference on Climate Change from outside, but which, however, have been working on the subject and applying their knowledge on different media supports with their professor Antoine Bielle, who was training his students on different media communication techniques (audiovisual, sound recorder, script design and social media).

First, we shared experiences with a group of young boys who made a short film simulation of the 21st edition of the Conference of the Parties, putting on focus the Maldivies case. Students produced a movie fiction embodying the Small Island Developing States with the intention of showing how young Bourget could become if the representatives of these remote islands have already been convicted by global warming, and by this way raise awareness and sensibility about caring for our planet.

Then, we met with another group of teenage students who developed a radial project focusing on different themes such us health, climate change, environment and sustainable development. After the talk, we had the opportunity of visiting the radio studio available for the school. In turn, through a mutual an interactive interview, we also shared our work as communicators and told them the different perspectives of young people about climate change and how they are living the COP21. Our dear Fulanito was also present, accompanied us with his inevitable questions and shot a couple of videos. The students then left their posts, desires and expectations in our flag of peace to close a rewarding day.

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