US impending withdrawal casts a shadow over COP25

The impending exit of the United States from the Paris Agreement marks one of the darkest moments in the history of climate governance and could help deflate any momentum coming out of this year’s climate conference (COP25) in Madrid. But the presence of Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other US Democratic lawmakers at the outset of the conference shows the US is not of one mind.Read More

Nations square off on loss and damage at COP25

The issue of loss and damage has turned into one of the most contentious topics at this year’s UN Climate Change Conference (COP25) in Madrid. The chief international framework that addresses this important subject, the Warsaw International Mechanism (WIM), is up for a second review. Developing nations are locked in a heated debate with developed nations regarding loss and damage finance and other issues.Read More

Indigenous people at COP25: You have to go “beyond the

The first week of COP25 comes to an end and the voices of indigenous populations stand out. During the side-event "Natured-based solutions, rights-based decisions: Amazon indigenous REDD+ & IPS land defense action", the General Coordinator of the COICA, José Gregorio Díaz Mirabal, and the President of ANECAP, Fermín Chimatani Tayori, speak, among others, in front of a big audience.Read More

The first week of COP25 is past, but there were

The first week of the UN Conference on Climate Change (COP25) is over in Madrid, but the most urgent points in discussion are far from being properly tackled. They are mostly about the finalisation of the Paris Agreement Rulebook, most of which was sketched out during the Katowice COP of 2018 (the document counted 300 pages) except for some (fundamental) questions.Read More