Youth for Climate: Boosting Ambition

Here is the summary of the Manifesto “Youth4Climate: Driving Ambition”. For the Youth4Climate participants gathered in Milan, the promises of climate neutrality by 2050 are not enough to meet climate targets: it is necessary to eliminate emissions from the fossil industry by 2030. Read More

Believers or Believable?

Are religious leaders rising to the climate challenge? What have they done? What are they doing? What will they do? Would their efforts be valuable? A Green Zone outspoken panel discussion asked these questions to three English religious leaders. Read More

The Various Actors and Actresses in the Climate Fight

A UN Conference on Climate Change is not just about negotiations carried out by the great world leaders around a table or in a plenary. Civil society is also discussing the future of the global and local movement for climate justice. After all, there is no doubt about the capacity for mobilization and political pressure that the climate movement has today.Read More

COP26: The (Not Only Physical) Gap between the Blue Zone

The 26th COP has opened in Glasgow: countless events take place between the Green Zone, dedicated to civil society, and the Blue Zone, where negotiations take place. However, the gap between the two areas is evident and it does not concern only the river that separates them: a bridge between civil society and delegates is increasingly needed so that the climate crisis can be resolved. Read More

What If the Ecological Transition Is Not Enough?

What If the Ecological Transition Is Not Enough? The potential of Carbon Capture and Storage as a support to the international efforts to reverse the CO2 concentration increasing trend. By Enrico Chiogna | YPA Italy - During the opening ceremony of the COP26 World Leader's Summit in Glasgow, among the speeches of the global leaders, the statement of David Attenborough - famous British science communicator and author of countless nature documentaries - was particularly strong. While his familiar voice was accompanied by devastating images of climate change effects, Attenborough pointed out that the main driver of the emergency crisis can Read More